Your photographer is someone you really need to trust (and if you've ever handed your camera phone over to your boyfriend or husband you know what I mean). I've had enough bad photos taken to understand the vulnerability required to be on the other side of the camera. But I didn't become a photographer JUST to take pretty photos and build meaningful connections with people. 

Can I be honest? It's about more than that for me.

It's about being able to stay home with my kiddos while they're little. It's about creating my own schedule, list of priorities, and choosing where I invest my time. It's about serving people, loving them and their families, and passing on the gift of visual memories.

I'm Molly- your easy-going, fun loving, ready to be your new best friend, photographer! 

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You enjoy planning and are detail orientated but also know how to go with the flow and enjoy a moment. 

You love candid, natural photos and want someone to coach you through your session. 

You enjoy fun, light hearted moments and maybe even a cheesy joke. 

Most of all, you cherish these fleeting moments whether it be the start of a marriage, the beginning of a family, or celebrating another year of togetherness as a family. 

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Jesus & My Church

a morning without alarms

iced coffee

outdoor adventures with family

candy & 90's sitcoms

Molly's favorite things

Our sweet, happy girl 
Well protected
Loves all the boys
Shopper in training

The baby

Completely wild
Incredibly smart 
Always with a snack
A dubious pair 

The twins

The family anchor 
Hard working and focused 
Future coffee shop owner 
Professional toddler wrestler 


The one with the camera
Smiling or cracking jokes 
Over caffeinated 
Professional toddler chaser


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